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    Hey I just signed up to the forum! There are a lot of friendly and knowledgeable weekend warriors and professionals here and I hope to learn and contribute what ever I can.

    So, I have a set of aluminum lexus rims, my winter set, I want to powder coat a gloss black. So far I’ve washed them thoroughly and hit them by hand with 100 and 220grit sand paper and a steel brush attachment for my drill. I fixed any rash with J.B Weld. Last night after work in the freezing cold I was finishing up and wiping down with Acetone until nothing was coming up on the paper towels. Is this enough prep work or should I take any other steps to make sure I’ll have good adhesion? This is my first powder coating en devour.

    Secondly, the painting surface, I’m going to paint the face and the barrel should i also paint the inside of the face of the rim even though it won’t be seen? I’m wondering is it better to have the paint wrap the spokes totally or is it fine to have just the face painted and tape up the back?

    Lastly, outgassing, should I be worried? If so, what can I do to prevent it from damaging my finish?

    And if there’s any other advice you could give a noob I’d really appreciate it!


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