PC ing flat or round objects

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    I haven’t started PCing yet I am still making sure that I get answers about PCing before I start. Here are a couple for you.
    1) If I want to PC a flat or round object and it has no holes to hang it and I need to do both sides, how is this done so I won’t screw things up? 2) Also is there any difference in the color of the tape that is sold on here or other sites< meaning why does it come in different colors? 3) Also I read somewhere on here that you should touch the gun to the grounded wire before (?) or after you get done shooting. 4) Also the plugs sold on here and other sites can they be left in the object when baking or taken out before? 5) If I shoot a part and get called away say for 14 hrs. can I still just put it into the oven? Think that's all for now, any help greatly appreciated.
    COMMON’ GUYS SURELY I CAN GET AN ANSWER FROM SOMEONE, I’ve seen answers that take up half a page.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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