PC advise needed, chipping, curing, IR lamps

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    I just recently upgraded to EW IR lamps and the Pro gun. I am having problems with the paint being brittle although it flows out nice and looks great. Also unable to top coat after the part has cooled off. The only way I can top coat is if I shoot it right after flow out of the base. I have to I also use a laser IR thermometer. I also out gas the parts and 95% of them are sandblasted first then cleaned with Laquer thinner. Questions:

    1: Signs of over and under curing?
    2: Should there be any difference in the way cure using IR lamps?
    3: I have also noticed that the paints seem to flow away from edges, especially mirror colors even though there was a nice thick initial coat , what gives?
    4: Do you have to top coat right after flow out like with an iridescent?

    The parts that I am doing are more complex now, never had a problem with a single coat back when I was using an over and the cheaper EW gun. The more info the better please!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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