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    Hi, i, have been reading for the last couple of months about powdercoating, and have been acquiring my equipment. currently i have a Coleman 60 galon compressor, a kenmore Range, a hobby PC gun from eastwood, about 10 colors of powder, hi temp tape, high temp plugs. and thats about it for now.

    i have done some practive parts (eastwood PC tags) and they came out nice, but since those tags are new and clean they didnt needed to be cleaned.

    My question is, what can i use to clean dirty parts. i have read not to use mineral spirits, thinner, or any other petroleum based solution. I dont have abrasive blasting available, and i havent found someone that clean parts with blasting. i am contemplating in building my own abrasive blasting cabinet, but in the meanwhile how do i get the parts in a bare very clean finish before coating???, how clean they need to be?

    thanks for your support

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