Parts to make the eastwood soda blaster safe for heavier abrasives (AO)

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    I have a soda blaster from Eastwood (the smaller one, maybe 50lb capacity?), which I bought because it was on sale (thanks eastwood for encouraging my impulse buying).
    Soda is definitely not something I’d use much, if ever. I generally need to strip heavy rust off frames. I know this thing is too small to do that, but I’d like to at least use it with 60 grit AO to strip rust off panels instead of burning them up with a grinding wheel and phosphoric acid. The warning on the side clearly states NOT to use it with anything but soda, but what parts are going to explode when I do? I ran some 80 grit AO through it for a bit, just to tempt fate, and nothing bad happened immediately, but I suspect I’m wearing a big hole in something that’s going to explode and hit me in the head. Is there a parts kit to make this pressure tank useable with other media? I probably can’t return it now that I’ve run AO through it, but it’s basically brand new other than that. I had it set up for a year and never found any need for soda blasting.

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