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    First off this appears to be a great site for questions and I wish I had discovered it earlier. It’s great to receive well researched and informative replies from the moderators and I’m sure that is taking considerable time and reasearch on your part.

    I’m building a Cobra replica and I have the body just about ready to spray Slick Sand on as soon as it warms up. I’m leaning towards Eastwood single stage urethane paint at this time – in part due to this forum. Although Slick Sand says it can be topcoated directly over it, I think it’s probably best to seal it with a single purpose primer. I’ve painted a Corvette years ago with lacquer so the new stuff is a little unfamiliar to me. I’m not clear on where it’s best to use a urethane primer and an epoxy primer. Which is best in this situation – epoxy?

    I assume this primer serves the same purpose as the sealer we use to spray over lacquer primer before the color coats – and no separate sealer is necessary. Is this correct?

    And as a sealer over Slick Sand, I assume all I need to do is spray a single, medium coat of urethane/epoxy primer and then start with the single stage paint. Does this sound right? Can you immediately (after flash off) start color coats on top of the primer or is it best to wait 24 hours and scuff it first?

    Again, thanks for your time.

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