Painting my ’85 Buick T-type

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    Hi my names John, this is my first time painting, and my project car is this ’85 T-type. I plan to paint it black, I have an 80gallon air compressor and the devilbiss startingline two spray gun kit. Also have a filter dryer I plan to use after I run zig zagged 3/4 iron pipe with drip legs.

    I bought this car from a guy who was planning on working on it a little at a time, he started priming some areas, and he put some filler on some areas as well. When I bought the car I didn’t have a garage so it sat outside in the elements until i closed on my house. I read that the filler will have to be removed and reapplied due to water contamination.

    What information I need is I am confused on if I should just sand off the pealing clear and feather edge all areas. The previous owner has sanded down to bare metal on a couple spots, so I don’t know if I have to treat these areas with a different product. I don’t plan to sand to bare metal, i plan to clean the car with dish soap, then wax and grease remover, sand the clear with 80grit or 120 grit. Remove the filler down to bare metal and then reapply it. Sand the filler straight and then epoxy the car? Or should I be using a sealer and then a high build primer?

    I’m just confused on what products to use.

    heres some pictures of the car, thank you for your time!






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