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    I have watched all your videos on the youtube chnl, the information you provide and your delivery are incredibly helpful.Thanks for those. Hadn’t seen anything on Home/DIY paint booths. I’ve learned alot about about the technical side of Air delivery, gun settings, technique, blocking, products, paint systems. i have absorbed it all like a sponge, and realize the importance of taking all those factors in to account in order to achieve optimal results, but worry about the environment in which I am applying all that I have learned. Would you and eastwood be able to post a video addressing the environment, how best to achieve the appropriate filtered air flow for the individual who wants to achieve professional results at home? If that is not a possibility in the near future is there a good resource you could point me toward that would give the quality of information that you provide in a format that is easily understood by the lay person who is just starting out?


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