Painting Engine and Drivetrain

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    Hello Experts! I am in the process of retoring a CJ. I want to paint the 360 Engine, T-18 Tranny, and Dana 300 Transer Case during this restore. I have several questions, so bear with me. Based on the picture on page 44 of your latest catalog, I am planning to use #10058Z AMC Blue Engine Paint for the bell housing and engine. Do I need to do more prep work that thoroughly cleaning these parts such as a primer? I want the valve covers to have a crome look, what would be better the 10063Z Universal Chrome engine paint, or the 10352Z Almost Chrome? Finally, the tranny and transfercase have some surface rust. I was planning on degreasing, cleaning, and wire brushing…should I do something additional such as a rust dissolver? I assume the answer to the previous primer question would also apply here. Finally, for these two components, would the engine paints be a good choice, or something more durable such as the Detail Gray (10036Z) or Aluma Blast (10109Z). THANKS for all your help! 😮

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