Painting door jams

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    I have a 57 Chevy Truck. It is completely apart, fenders, doors, hood, bed, everything is separate. We are planning on using the Gasser Metallic Green on it. Because our painting skills are less than perfect we plan to use the base/clear system. I think this will let us sand out any minor issue in the base before we clear. My question is about all the jams and under hood, fender, inside doors. Could we use the single stage system (they list the same color with both systems) to paint the jams and inside surfaces. This way I would only have to shoot the single stage. Then we would put the parts back together and paint the truck as a whole with the base/clear system and try and make sure the metallic looks uniform. However, does this metallic flow out well enough that painting each panel would not be a big issue (makes my life easier) or is it recommended to shoot all panels together? Is this a hair brain idea, using the single stage for the jams? If I use the single stage paint how far would I need to roll the paint around to the outer surface, just enough to cover all the edges? Would I just feather the edge on the outside surface? Will the single stage cause me any issues painting over it with the base part of the two stage system? Thanks for the help!

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