Painting Aluminum Wheels

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    I have some Toyota, TRD FJ Cruiser, 17″ aluminum wheels that I want to paint matte (or satin) black. I need advice on paint products (I do not want to powder coat them). Here are the steps that I have taken already:

    1. Washed thoroughly with dish washing soap in very hot water.
    2. Stripped the clear coat off with paint stripper.
    3. Power washed with water.
    4. Cleaned with Acetone
    5. Blasted with crashed glass (fine) media. They have a perfect uniform finish at this point.

    I purchased Eastwood black epoxy primer, but I am not sure what kind of top coat will work best over the epoxy primer. If I were painting a car, I would put two coats of epoxy, let flash and then apply two coats of base coat, let flash and then clear coat. Can I cut out any of these steps with these wheels since I want them to end up as the same color/sheen as the black epoxy? Here are the steps that I would like help on:

    6. Paint two coats of Eastwood epoxy primer
    7. Base coat – which Eastwood Urethane is compatible with the Eastwood epoxy primer? Can I cut this step out and go straight to a clear coat?
    8. Clear matte? Which Eastwood clear coat with UVA protection would work good directly over epoxy primer?

    I do not want to powder coat because I know these wheels will get chipped from rocks and I want to just do touch up when this happens.

    Thank you very much.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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