Painting Aluminum Motorcycle Parts (Satin Chassis Black?)

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    Hey guys,

    I’m in the process of building an electric motorcycle based on a ’78 CB750. Last night I started taking a look at some of the aluminum bits I originally planned on polishing. But upon further inspection those pieces look pretty tired and will take longer to polish than I originally anticipated, so I’m planning on painting them instead. These pieces include triple trees, the rear drum brake, front wheel hub, as well as other brackets and trays that will be fabricated to hold the batteries. I looked into chassis black for two reasons, it comes in satin (which I prefer) and it’s supposed to be really tough (I don’t want to do this more than once).

    I have a few questions though.

    1. It looks like there’s still a clearcoat on the aluminum. I should strip this correct?
    2. I was going to hit it with a degreaser and do some sanding and fill some scratches. Any other prep before priming?
    3. Do I use an etching primer on the bare aluminum? Or the chassis black primer for the best adhesion?
    4. How many cans would be suitable for an entire motorcycle frame, and the various pieces mentioned above? I was hoping two or so.



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