Painting a Snap-On Toolbox

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    My father just passed down his Snap-On roll cab to me. He’s had it since he sold Snap-On tools for a short time back in the early 80’s. The only problem is that it was in a storage building that had a leak, so now it’s pretty rusty. I’m prepared to sand blast it, and I have an HVLP spray gun w/ 1.5 and a 2.0 tips for it. I was just looking for some advice as to what kind of primer I need after sand blasting, and what type of paint i should use. I would love to know the mixtures of reducer and paint and anything else i will need if you have any ideas :). I haven’t contacted a Snap-On dealer yet, but from what i can tell on their website they don’t sell the paint in a quantity that i would need, only touch up applications. In lieu of powder coating (thats a lot of surface area to coat) i would think i need an enamel thats pretty hard. I’m just going for something durable here and reasonably good looking, and mainly to prevent any future deterioration. Any advice would be great. I have a building set up to paint in, but it doesn’t have any kind of exhaust system, will overspray be a problem? thanks for all your help and wisdom.

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