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Posted: July 29, 2012 By: hicswa

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    Hi Kevin,
    I have a Corvette frame that I have power wash to remove all the grease and are now getting close to painting it. I have heard and read so many ways to get there that I am really confused on the right way. The frame has surface rust only and I plan to wire wheel and spot blast to get to the fresh metal. However, after that is where I get confused. I was hoping you could reply with a plan with what products (Eastwood) and steps you would use to get me a satin black look like the factory. I would like to use a epoxy primer, but, I am a little afraid to top coat it with 2K ceramic paint. So please direct me in the next best plan on what to put on top of epoxy. I have been following your sites for a long time now and leaned to only trust your methods. Not that other’s are wrong it’s because of the way you explain the steps that makes a novice fell at ease. So if you could take the time to instruct me, it would be my pleasure to send pictures of before and after when done.
    Well, thanks in advance and also thanks for helping us novice achieve our dreams of owing a yes I did that. 🙂


    PS: The autograph picture of you in the garage is a real jealous topic among my friends!:))

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