Painting 3rd gen camaro urethane front nose cone and rear bumper

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    Andy Fanshawe

    Hi all.
    New to this excellent forum and stuck in the UK looking on in admiration at your car scene and aftermarket scene over there 😀 Well at least I have 2 thirdgen camaros to enjoy building and driving.

    Anyway, I wil have the opportunity to paint a stripped nose cone and rear bumper off a 3rd gen camaro with the flexible urethane nose cone and rear bumper cover. I intend to use 2K paint but am not quite sure how to go about this. I have been told that I need a plasticiser in the primer but not in the top coats. Then again I was told plasticiser in the primer only. Confusing to say the least :confused: 🙁

    Anyway, please assume I am completely ignorant and will someone will take me through the process step by step? Please bear in mind that the products in the US will not necessarily be the same as here in the UK. But a general background will help considerably 🙂

    Thanks for any replies.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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