Paint/Bodywork Experts, i need your help

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    My 1966 Satellites engine bay is in pretty good shape. Im in the process of restoring the engine bay. The engine is out. From the hood down to the frame rails is in great shape and the only prep i have to do for that is a light scuff/sand in prep for primer and paint. The Frame rails though however were coated with undercoating, the undercoating was also sprayed about 8 inches up the back of the firewall. Ive had to remove the undercoating for primer and paint.

    My question is, do i just have to feather in the edges where there is still original paint butting againest metal where ive removed paint and undercoating or is there some other trick??

    Also, i want to be able to spray a primer, whether its outta a rattle can or what, i dont care, so i can see where i need to do some work. I figure i can hit it with a coat of primer to see where i need to sand more, then sand it back down again. repeating the process if needed. I realize that some self etching primers cant be used with some Primers/Sealers and Paints. I dont know what kind of final Sealer/Primer and Paint im going to use. What do u guys suggest?

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