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    Kevin –

    I just brought home a new project, a 1930 Ford Model A tudor sedan. It was redone in 1974 and parked in 1976. It sat on jack stands in that garage from late 1976 until I got it out at the end of March. The previous owner rebuilt the car and painted it in his garage. Because of the age of the restoration I would assume he used a lacquer based paint, but is there any way to be sure what was used? As always, thanks for all of your help.


    Here’s the car as the previous owner bought it in 1974. [ATTACH]5023[/ATTACH]

    Here’s the car right after we got it pushed outside. [ATTACH]5022[/ATTACH]

    After the rinsing off the 40 years of dust. [ATTACH]5021[/ATTACH]

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