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    I am not a pro-painter and do not intend to paint vehicles…but I do have an HDLP set-up and would like to restore and paint a classic John Deere tractor with my sons. I’m concerned about safety and costs, and see that urethane paints are said to require a supplied-air respirator which is very expensive for hobbyists like me. I will not risk my safety and if the supplied-air respirator is required, I will just hire the painting at a local shop, finish the project, and never do another…BUT I watch a LOT of restoration shows and collect information, and see everyone using a high quality filtered mask, and they paint cars for a living! This raises a few questions:
    1. Is a supplied-air respirator required?
    2. What paints are the shops using that may not require a supplied-air respirator?

    My hope and plan is to use a 2k single stage durable/long lasting paint that I can wet sand and buff, after priming/filling, blocking, and prepping the surface (pitted steel).

    What do you suggest?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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