Paint over or strip to bare metal

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    My dad and I are thinking that we want to paint the truck we are restoring instead of paying a shop to do it. We have read and watched many videos about painting and we know the basics but we just don’t know how to start on our truck. The truck is a 1986 chevy that has been repainted by the original owner, and it seems to be a pretty good paint job except it wasn’t clear coated. We would like to know if we can just clean and scuff up the old paint and then lay down a primer that we can sand. After sanding we would like to paint over the primer with a single stage paint and possibly a clear coat because we want it to be really shiny. We also have replacement panels for the bed that have the e-coat primer from the factory on them and we don’t know if we would need to prime these. Can you help us out with how to paint our truck?

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