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    I am resotring a 1996 harley softail and have a question about the best way to paint over a powdercoated frame. The powdercoat is dull and has many scratches in it however rust does not seem to be a problem.
    I want to restore the look to a gloss finish that has as much protection as possible from a non-powdercoated finish.

    I am not sure what steps are needed but this is my thought process so far.

    Scuff with scotchpad
    clean / degrease /clean again degrease again
    prime with something that could fill the scratches (they are not deep gouges) ?etching primer?
    clean degrease clean …
    paint with high gloss or satin ?chassis paint?
    clear coat

    I was wondering if someone could let me know if what I want to do is the best way and also recommend some products

    thanks in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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