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    I had my 73 Buick Riviera repainted 3+ years ago. Within a few weeks the paint around the sideview mirrors began to lift in a ripple or wrinkle as if the mirrors were installed and pushed into soft paint. The same problem developed around other areas such as door lock cylinders, body moldings(wheel, trunk lid, doors and rear window). The paint is now hard and brittle and has chipped off of one rippled area. The owner of the shop said he has never seen this problem before. After doing a little researc h at the store where the paint was purchased it was suggested that the paint might be too thick.The car was painted without stripping( at my request and with the owners agreement) and has had two previous repaints which the shop was aware of. They are now saying the problem is due to too much paint (thickness) on the car. Being a car owner and not a paint expert I am looking for information, suggestions, knowledge of similar problems or other causes of this condition. I have been trying to resolve this with the shop owner in an amicable manner for several years and have just been put off and stalled. Responses appreciated.

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