Paint gun questions (ie: i’m doing something WRONG)

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    I bought a eastwood HVLP gun for a restoration project i’m working on. First time i used the gun it worked fine. I cleaned the gun using mineral spirits, which really didn’t do the job. The next time i used the gun i had problems. I figured out i had old dried paint in the gun :rolleyes: so I dissembled and soaked the gun now twice in in gun cleaner – the first soak got a lot of old paint out, and the next soak didn’t get much if any out. All passages were blown out with compressed air.

    From what i can see – the gun “looks” clean (?).

    So tonight i go to spray some K36 and the same old problems started back up. The basic symptom is that i adjust the fan pattern on some cardboard, get a nice pattern, and start spraying the car. The paint stream out of the gun slowly tapers off, becoming thin. Sometimes the tip squeaks like a bird during this process. If i hold the spray lever down and adjust the fan control out, and back in – paint starts spraying again, for awhile. And then the process repeats again. Its like the gun is losing it’s siphon, and playing with the fan control gets it back.

    Also, if i tip the gun up slightly (even with the cup full of paint), spray stops and the bird sound starts up again. Shaking the gun gets it to spray again for a bit. Not a good technique, but interesting.

    I have an eastwood air filter/conditioner near the compressor, and a small one attached to the gun along with an adjustable regulator. I’ve tried many settings on the regulator (and the other controls too) to no avail. Paint is strained as it goes into the cup using a paper funnel/strainer i got at the paint store.

    Needless to say, this is discouraging. The primer i’ve laid down is going to take a bunch of sanding to clean up the mess i’ve made while struggling with this gun. There is no way i’m going to apply base coat until this problem is fixed (whether it’s me or the gun LOL :p).

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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