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    Thanks in advance for any help. I have a 4 cfm Concours gun that I don’t seem to be able to get to spray without orange peel. I have a 2hp 33 gal. compressor that’s good for 8.4 at 40 lbs and 6.8 at 90 lbs., 25 foot line, I run 45 lbs at the regulator w/ the trigger open to make up for the loss in line friction and am spraying acrylic enamel (Shopline). I have tried shooting in 70, 80 and 85f, I have cranked up the pressure by 10 lbs at the regulator and then bumped it down 10 lbs., tried 8:1:1 with reducer after going 8:1 with just the activator, have adjusted the gun (fluid and fan) about six different ways and still get pretty bad orange peel.
    The only time I seemed to have gotten a no-peel surface is when I was horsing around out of frustration and cranked the pattern down to a circle about two inches in diameter.
    Any ideas on how I can make this work?
    I shot some clear and that stuff was even worse in terms or orange peel, if that helps.
    Thanks for any help at all– I am about ready to haul the car over to Maaco (’72 Camaro).

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