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    Hi, when the weather starts warming up, I need to get back to my 90 Mustang GT project. I have the motor out doing strut tower/frame rail repair… just have to finish the pass side, then I want to paint the engine bay before putting motor back in.

    I have already bought the Eastwood Extreme Chassis paint in the qt and also a qt of the extreme chassis primer. So now I need to buy and paint gun, I don’t need anything $$$ just something to get the job done that will spray that chassis paint (do I need anything to reduce it with or is that paint ready to spray? I belive I remember it was ready to spray the way it was, just put into gun.).

    also, I would like to be able to spray some primer, and just maybe, I might try painting the car, don’t know yet, thinking of using a flat type paint… and maybe painting a few things hear and there down the road….

    so anyway… what would be a good not to $$ gun? Was looking at this – or maybe this one, since it has the extra nozzles which sounds like the ones I would need to use anyway? –

    and what else would I need for that?


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