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    just as the title says im pretty sure i screwed up. i was spraying a 2 part 1:1 epoxy primer from eastwood and bought the paint cups from amazon. Cant really screw 1:1 up right? well i think i did on the cups it had a column 1:1:1:1 so i marked the 20 oz mark bc thats all i can use in my gun at a time matched number left to right using the number 3 for a few cups and the number 2 for others. (in the pic) did i screw this up?? i figured since the column is 1:1:1:1 as long as i go left to right as close to 20 oz i would be good..its been 24 hours since i sprayed and the top layer is dry but still soft and i know epoxy takes a few days to harden good but just wondering if i did this wrong…thanks Jeremy

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