Paint Blistering On New Paint Job

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    Hello Everyone,

    I would like some advise on how I should approach our body shop with some paint blistering we have on our 1972 Monte Carlo. We brought the car in last april for a new paint job. After they painted the car we notice some blistering two weeks after we brought the car home. We took the car back to the body shop and addressed the paint blistering they said that they would repair the blistering but after they repaired it they would not do any more repairs to the car because the root problem causing the blistering was the bodywork done previously to the car from a different body shop was done incorrectly. My issue is why wasn’t this addressed to us before the car was painted. I wouldn’t have had the car painted If I would have known the paint would self destruct shortly after the car was painted. This body shop is a reputable auto body shop that has been in the area for years.
    Any Ideas on what I should do if the blistering happens again after they fix it? I just has the thought of throwing good money after bad.

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