Paining 56 Chevy

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    I have painted about 10 cars as a hobby, my paint jobs have always come out very good. But for this 56 Chevy I want it to be super straight like the zed sled! I have been watching Kevin Tates videos. I have learned a lot! I already got my primer from a local store. Wish I would have went with Eastwood products.. But the name brand is Nason. I have soda blasted and sand blasted all my parts. I got Nason metal etch primer and a high build 2k. There is only minor rust. Just thought the metal etch would be a good start. (maybe I should have went with epoxy primer?) My question is. The Nason product does not have a polyester surfacer like Kevin uses. The Nason Metal etch says I have to paint a nason primer over it with in 10 hours. Could I get some of your Poly surfacer to use over the Nason Metal etch? Then spray the Nason 2k over the Eastwood Poly? After I block sand it of course. What do you think?

    I have a dehumidifier running keeping everything dry waiting to hear what you think.. ha

    Brad Whittle
    Rapid City SD

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