Oxisolv Rust Remover versus Rust Dissolver

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    What is the difference between the Oxisolv Rust Remover (16025 Z) and the Eastwood Rust Dissolver (16037)?

    Regarding the Oxisolv, online catalog says, “It reaches even inaccessible areas, quickly dissolving iron oxide completely and leaving a zinc phosphate coating.” Will the Rust Dissolver do likewise?

    I would prefer the Oxisolv but Eastwood won’t ship hazmat to Alaska. The Rust Dissolver is not classified as hazmat so I could receive that.

    My alternative is to completely dismantle the frame by removing the rivets, clean and finish the individual frame components, and reassemble using grade 8 UNF bolts.

    BTW – I searched the first half of the Ask Eastwood board and didn’t find a thread on this subject. I did find several unanswered threads that are of interest to me, in addition to the thread originator.

    Thank for your help.

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