Oversized powder coating at home….

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    The Item :

    7 foot, 3 feet wide. free standing fountain made from Galvanized 1 5/8 fence posts. (think of a 7 foot tall U-Bolt)

    Now the trick will be to make it look like copper…long story on that.

    So the question at hand….how can I cure it in my own garage?

    Options to mull over:

    4- 250 Watt IR heat lamps in Clip on Holders (would they get hot enough?)
    2 28000 BTU Propane IR Heaters from ‘Mr Heater’ (Would probably have them face each other…or just use one and piece of curved sheet metal on the other side to radiate)

    Both options would be moved down the piece every 10-20 min. (Would it hurt to powder coat in sections , cure then do the next section…or coat all at once and move the heat around?)

    The heat parts have not been purchased yet…so I am trying to see if someone has already done this?

    Thanks for the help

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