Overload Light Lit On MIG 250 Welder

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    I recently purchased your MIG 250 welder. It works OK while using the 120V input, but when I use the 240V input the overload light will come on repeatedly once I begin welding. I’m welding 3/16″ material and adjust the voltage/wire speed accordingly but the overload light often comes on after a few seconds of use while using the 240V input. 120V input works OK. I’m plugging it into a 50 amp outlet wired per the requirements given in the instructions.

    What’s really frustrating is the product information provided with the welder doesn’t even mention the overload light, much less list the conditions that turn the light on. The only way I know of to reset the light is to power the welder off and then back on.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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