Over-All paint on 97 Landcruiser

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    I am getting ready to paint my cruiser and I am planning on going back with factory 1AB paint code. It is a moonlight silver metalic with medium metalics. I would like to do something a little different to the paint like perhaps altering the formula to heavy metalic and thought about adding a Pearl to the base coat. I do not know much about pearls and would not know which hue would look best. I was told to be careful not to use to much pearl because it can flatten out the base color so I figure just a very small amount would be good.
    Also, I have not yet decided what paint system or line to go with. I have access to Valspar, Glasurite and then I thought about House of Color. I guess if would be personal prefference as long as I go with the top of the line system.
    I began this project about 6 weeks ago and it has been going slow due to my time restraints. I am doing almost a complete restoration as I have the interior completely stripped and plan on going back with new carpet, head liner and custom leather seats in the front. I am also taking what is left of the wood trim out and replacing with a carbon fiber trim package.
    I’ll try yo post some pictures of my project so everyone can see what I am working with and hopefully throughout the rest of the process, I might be able to get helpful advice.
    Thanks guys

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