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    Anyone reading this forum for more than a few months knows I have been on the hunt for a oven or plans to build one.

    I have seen all the websites previously posted for building my own oven and I am about to get off the pot and build one I guess. I really wanted to buy one already done since the plans on the web are just not 100% clear and I have never attempted anything like this, give me a motor/gearbox/carbs and no problem but a oven and I want clear instructions so I don’t burn the house down, I don’t want “well maybe if I try it this way”. I have very seriously considered the small Eastwood oven but it required 60amps, my house has a 100amp panel from which I have already taken 60 and put a sub-panel in the garage. That small Eastwood oven would have worked if I had the lights off 🙂 it was also $6k !

    In the March catalog, they have a new 36″ cube oven that only requires 35amps, now we are talking !!! Anyone know anything about it ? its still $4k but its the perfect size for me and what I was going to build (3x3x3). Its not yet listed on the website 🙁 I need to know its size, it says its a 3’cube but the external dimensions are 48x48x31 last I checked it cant be external dimension of 31″ with a inside of 36″ so which is correct ?

    I need more info on this oven please !!!

    And to the group, what are the advantages of buying vs. building ? I really don’t want to spend a few weekends welding up a oven and hoping the insulation I got does not catch fire and who knows what else. Many (most?) of you have built your own, was it just cost ? I am not rich but I would prefer buying one that works right the first time and it just “feels” safer to me. I also don’t waste a few weekends building one.

    I have a project waiting so I need to make my decision extremely very soon.

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