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    Some ideas about an oven.

    I was thinking of using a propane tank you know the kind for BBQ pits or smal travel trailers. Using that and make a simple torch to direct it into a sheet metal galvenized panel(tin roof type). My thinking was 400deg F wouldn’t be that hard to get to but I may be wrong. I know they use these propane tanks and small forges made out of heatshield(1inch think material) and it can get up to 2000def F or what ever the temp to melt Bronze is.

    I was looking to make one that can accomadate bicycle frames(about 4feet long) but make the oven about 6 feet tall standing room and 4foot by 4foot.

    Then someone said that the galvenized sheet metal would rust real bad after a short period and well then I thought about the fumes it would put off also. What if I could get some thats been painted and strip it and put on some High temp powder coat and bake it for it’s first fire making it heat proof??

    Would propane give off soot and kind of mess things up easpecially the powder coat(I’m thinking if it was a convection fan blowing things around it would disturb the powder???

    So then if that’s the case could it just be blown in and sheiilded away from the parts just using indirect heating( with small amount of air flow to circulate the air some??

    If that’s possible then the next question is which one would be cheaper propane or electric??? I’m thinking electric, since I read somewhere a guy was paying $1.94 an hour to operate an oven about the size of a deep freezer and I think he was using double elements also. I’m thinking electric would be the way to go with insulation and some sort of temp control. Filling a tank of propane I think is like $15 or something like that.

    What do people use in big ovens. I konw a guy in town that uses a storage container the ones that go on trains(smaller ones). Not sure how he heats his but I’m thinking propane would be quicker but could be wrong there also.

    I was thinking of doing bike frames and maybe car rims and other stuff. Can the cheaper $100 dollar unit from Eastwood tackle that?? Anyone made any attempts in putting in a control circuit for the voltage(like potentiometer or something like that).


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