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    Hi Gang,

    I’m back again with one of my classic dumb questions.

    For starters, I have read and re-read everything I can find on wiring an oven in this forum and at the casswell forum, and I’m so ****ed confused I may have to open another beer. I want to have 2 oven heating elements fire up at the same time using 220v (with a 50 amp breaker). I am using an older model 3 wire range cord and an old thermostat control. So, I have 2 hot leads feeding from power source (and a neutral), and of course each element has 2 leads, and my thermostat has 2 leads (with a thermocoupler).

    The wiring setup I was given by a electrician is making no sense, heres why…
    When i think of electricity I think of AC alternating current, or in laymens terms, electricty comes in one wire and goes out the other. I’m being told to hook up one hot lead from my power source to the red and white wire on one of the elements, and then connect the other hot lead to the thermostat, then connect the second thermostat lead to the red and white on the second element. Someone please help as this makes no sense to me.

    Thanks in advance.

    Big Dave

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