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    Well I was planning on building a bigger oven and things have gotten in the way of it. I dont have time to build it and really don’t have time to powder coat a lot anymore. I am still doing smaller stuff but not like i was planning. Here is the list of stuff I have all brand new in a box ready to ship.

    Parts were to build a 3x3x6 oven.

    TC-Heat Heater $23.00 2 $46.00
    TC-ControlBox Control Box $296.00 1 $296.00
    TC-DoorSeal Door Seal $2.39 20ft $47.80
    TC-RingTerm Ring Terminals $5.95 1 $5.95
    ToggleClamp Toggle Clamp $12.50 2 $25.00

    New its $419 plus shipping but will sell it all as a package for $350 shipped. I wont split up unless I have buyers for all items.

    Also I found a brand new circulation fan I was going to use. I will get model number shortly.

    Please pm or email me natewest84 at yahoo.com

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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