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    I picked up a used commercial convection oven last weekend to use for coating. Problem is, it’s a 3-phase unit with a 1/2hp motor that circulates the air through 3 heating elements mounted radially in the back of the oven behind a panel. The motor draws air from an 8″ diameter hole in the center and forces the heated air out spaces at the top and bottom of the back panel with near-hurricane force, and I’m thinking it will be blowing the powder off before it can flow out. Does anyone know if I’ll damage the oven by putting a motor bypass switch on there? I’d like to be able to turn off the motor after the oven is preheated at least until flowout, then turn it back on again. Will I be burning out elements if I do that or will the high-limits protect them? Its a Blodgett Mark V, and I’m pretty sure replacement parts would be spendy (not available locally) so I don’t want to wreck it. It’s an expensive oven.

    Thanks for your help, guys.

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