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    My thanks to everyone for all the information, pics and knowledge I used in building my oven. Special thanks to CarWiz for his help in determining my electrical issue. It turned out to be an error on my part failing to catch that I wired my contactors 120v coil with 220. That was a $100.00 mistake which is not included in the total cost below.

    Here’s my contribution back to the forums.

    Oven inside dimensions 3’x3’x3. Interior hanging hooks are supported in two areas with 3/16” flat stock to distribute the weight. High temp blower draws from the top, runs down a cavity within the rear wall and exits the bottom. Interior light is porcelain with 25w appliance bulb. Angle iron for the two shelves are bolted to the metal studs. Regular door hinges were used with 3/16” flat stock bracing inside the door. Lucked out on the sheet metal finding 8-3’x8’, 22 gauge galvanized sheets for $25.00. Two of the best investments made in building the oven were a pneumatic riveter and pneumatic metal shear.

    Oven reaches 400 degrees in 15 minutes, 500 in 30 minutes and 625 in 50 minutes. My goal was to be able to do ceramic work and I achieved the required temps for it.

    Pics http://s896.photobucket.com/albums/ac161/khemmpowdercoating/

    Metal studs, 20 ga $67
    Roxul (insulation) $33
    High temp Blower (Grainger # 1TDV3) $123
    8 pc’s 3’x8’ galvanized sheet metal, 22ga (Craigslist) $25
    Door seal ( McMaster-Carr # 8815K12) $54
    K-type thermocoupler (Auber # TC-K3) $4
    1/16 DIN PID (Auber # SYL-2342) $45
    Contactor 2-pole, 40amp (FamousParts # C25BNF240A $48
    High temp wire (Mor Electric Heating Assoc., Inc # WIREHT10005 10GA & 12GA MG Wire $100
    Misc – Electrical- conduit, connectors, screws (aprox 300 #8 self tapping), rivets (lots), 1/8”drill bits (many), hooks. $150
    Elements – 2-2850Watt @ 220V $16

    Total $665

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