Oven extension build-up *pics*

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    Started building an extension for my oven this morning. I’m using 1 5/8″ steel studs to frame it out, and 2″ thick high-temp insulation from mcmaster car. The steet metal used to cover everything was just laying around my garage.

    Insulation – $24 + shipping for a 2″ thick x 24″wide x 96″ long blanket. Good to 1000degrees and passes .22 btu per hour per sq. ft.

    1 5/8″ x 10′ long steel studs ~$4 a piece. The angle iron next to them will be used to make lips on the inside for the racks to sit on.


    One side framed out:

    stuffed with insulation before the other side is attatched:

    the other side and top are framed out, and just need to be skinned and stuffed. The door still hasn’t been started yet. The final internal dimensions with the extension will be 18″ wide x 17″ tall x 36″ deep

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