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Posted: August 10, 2011 By: rkcim

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    I was thinking of using some insulation that ceramic makers use for kilns. It’s good for 2200degF and would be about $165 to do a 3’wide 2’deep and 6′ high oven. It’s kind of expensive and I don’t think I would need insulation to be safe for 2200F since the oven would only get up to about 450. The insulation would cover it completely including under the oven and covering the door.

    My question is that overkill? I guess it would be more efficient right?

    I thought of using angle iron as the frame work and either weld it all or make some of it bolted on that way if I plan to expand it and make it bigger I could. I was going to do a 4 ‘ deep, 4 ‘ wide, 6 ‘ high oven but the cost for the insulation pushes it up and over $200 plus the cost to rig the heater elements and time that it takes to heat up etc. eggh!

    Also do you have any idea how many elements this size oven would need and placement? PID controllers on the cheap for them, circuit diagram maybe? sounds like a lot to ask.

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