Oven Almost Done! Here Are Some Pics.

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    I just about have the oven done! I’m going to try it with two 3000w heating elements and see how it goes. If not I have it wired so I can add two more. The inside is 4’x3’x5′. I have a small dual shaft fan in the top to move the air, I turned the blade so that is blows the air to the top other that on the parts. The other blade will blow down on the motor to cool it.
    Dont even ask about why the window is placed were its at. Lets just say it was a —- up. But It will work , i’ll just have to bend over to look inside. I’m also adding acouple pic’s of my work area I have set up. As soon as Peter give’s me a deal LOL on A Sand Blaster I have room over by the door.

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