Outline prep process please?

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    I’m new to powder coating and am a little confused and overwhelmed by the info on the web. I’m a little over cautious about new stuff and i’m an over planner. I’ve read everything from very little prep to degrease, blast, pre-bake, phosphate rinse, bake again, wipe with alcohol/acetone, etc… heat again, coat warm cure, cool fast cool slow, on and on and on. what is really necessary. 1 of my first projects is wire spoke motorcycle wheels something probably easy to screw up. (i’ll try a couple of practice runs on noncritical first). I already blasted the wheels to clean them, 1 with glass bead then changed media to alum oxide. I’m worried about the glass beading now. coating the wheels all 1 color (gloss black) and assembled I know cons of coating them assembled and I already trued the wheels. Chrome steel rims and spokes w/ alum hubs.

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