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    Hey everybody, just had a few questions regarding outgassing of cast aluminum parts such as a valve cover or an intake.

    My current situation has my oven in one shop and my blaster in another. not an ideal setup but im getting by for now. ive read a

    couple postings saying to blast after outgassing, but is it ok to degrease parts, blast, outgas, wipe with acetone, coat and cure?

    if i had to outgas parts at one location before blasting would it be ok if parts were not coated right away? do i run any risk of the

    parts being recontaminated so to speak? i know outgassings is to release contaminents in the casting process, and i dont picture

    the aluminum like a sponge attracted and absorbing grease and dirt . this probably sounds really dumb but id rather be safe than

    sorry 🙂

    and regarding items such as an aluminum bicycle rim, does the ring (outer rim) need to be outgassed? are items like that just a

    clean and coat type of item if its brand new? thanks alot guys!!

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