outgassing on cast parts

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    hello everyone, i am new to the forums but have bought plenty of stuff from eastwood and like it , but i am having a problem i am trying to solve, i am building a 69 camaro tilt column and getting the “outgassing ” problem on the ign switch cover at the top , the shift bowl is fine and never have problems with those.

    here is what i am doing so far and i think i am taking to many steps, but i have made progress, the first time it was 2 days and then all the bubbles popped up evenly over the whole switch cover, so i added more steps and here is where i am now,,,,

    i blast the part to total silver and no dark spots
    i put 2 coats of bully dog adhesion promoter as per instructions on the can
    then a coat of epoxy primer and let dry overnight
    then a few coats of ultimate 2k primer, let dry over night
    sand with 320 and apply sealer then either base /clear or the satin paint, all this is matrix paint and i am still getting the outgassing problems, allthough after i started using the bully dog it seemed to take a lot longer to make the bubbles, it only happens to the ign switch cover, the shift bowl never has any problems at all, i really dont want to go to powder coating as i dont want to spend all the $ on equipment to do that,,,,,, any idea’s ??

    i am pulling my hair out trying to solve this and driving myself nuts, Jim

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