Our 1969 Pontiac Firebird Resto

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    My brother and I are in the midst of restoring a 1969 Firebird. She started out life as a 350ci Non A/C coupe, Console. Crystal turquoise with a black vinyl top. The engine was a 1973 350 with a 2bbl. and a burnt out TH-350 trans. both have been tossed.


    We located a Period correct YE coded 1969 350ci and rebuilt it, adding an Edelbrock Performer Cam, Lifters, Valve Springs, Dbl Roller Timing set, Intake and 4bbl 650cfm Carb.


    The heads are a set of small valve heads off a 1968 350ci that had already been totally rebuilt…The price was too good to pass up. all we needed to do was swap out the new stock springs for the Edelbrock set that they recommend to use with the higher lifting cam.


    With engine done and out of the way, we have since turned our attention to the body work. And it’s been full of surprises at every turn. we knew it had some damage in the front, it was missing the passenger side fender and the headlight assembly was damaged. After removing the engine and sub-frame we found the frame mounts to be beyond repair. So we found a sub-frame from a ’68 Camaro for a great price and as a bonus, it already had a 2″ drop spindle and front disc brake conversion, something we had planned on doing anyway.After going thru several returns and arguments with a certain suspension vender, we got the correct FB tie rods and rebuilt the front end.


    Well now we are working on the body…finally. Turns out the car had some rear damage as well. And whoever did the work should be shot. The lower d/s quarter was fixed with tin, pop rivets and about 30lbs of bondo. Then they must have brought the car to Earl Scheib and gotten the $99 special because I have never seen a worse paint job in my life !

    We built a jig to roll the car over on it’s side so we can clean up and work on the underside of the car, and found one of the rear frame rails was riddle with rust and falling apart.


    More pix and story later…

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