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    Is there an end to Orange Peel? I shot some candy black and it came out perfect. So smooth it looked like glass. I then shoot clear over top of it while it was cool. Made the entire piece totally white and then cured at 375 for 25 min. Pulled out part and all I seen was Orange Peel. I shot 3lbs. of mirror black today and I could not get all of the Orange Peel out of the parts. The parts were pretty smooth so i don`t think it was from that. I have to second coat everything because of the little dimples I get on the first coat. My supplier says they are caused by the blasting. I`m not sure if they are or not. I tried to take pictures of them to post, but they are to hard to see in the photos. Anyway a second coat usually takes care of them. Sometimes I can do two coats with no Orange Peel at all. I can try the same thing on the next part and all I see is orange Peel. Anyone got some real good advice???????

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