Orange Peel on cured Powder

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    Gents.. I started doing powder coating a number of years ago.. I do parts on my cars “as needed” (when I get to a part I’m about to refit, etc. I did do some “batches” of mixed parts that I bubble-wrapped and boxed until needed) Needless to say, my PC sessions are short and spaced-out over months to years (life gets in the way).. Anyway, MOST of the parts I do are suspension, so “show quality” perfection was not a high priority. However, I’m about to do some small, but highly visible, body parts like a hood latch bracket plate, hood-stick mount clip, hinges, etc.
    My “on-going” problem has been a noticeable “orange peel” that shows-up on the finished parts.. Not a problem on a tie-rod, or a wishbone, but NOT what I want on areas that will be “up front and public”
    I still use the first PC Gun Eastwood offered back in 1901, along with standard primary colors (nothing fancy). I have several
    in-line and at-the-gun water/oil filters with plenty of air pressure available (5hp 80gal two stage compressor) and use a standard (formerly) household 240v Electric Oven. I also made a “Pregnant Oven” extension for those longer, prop rod, type parts and everything works well.. except the orange peel.
    If anyone could offer a few pointers on eliminating said orange peel, OR advise me if the cured powder could be sanded smooth, compounded, buffed/polished or whatever would be required to return the high gloss” finish, I would be most appreciative.

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