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    New to the industry and without any formal training I jumped off into P/C. I had a large learning curve but thanks to forums I was able to figure out most of it. Like most people I have had my share of trouble with orange peel and I am finally figuring it out I hope. I found out that using thin coats , holding gun further away , and more consistant spraying pattern and reducing your Kv’s really reduces orange peel. When spraying a base coat of chrome , then going over it with a candy color you have to reduce Kv’s, Hold your gun back futher away to keep the surface from back ionization, and a good ground to the part. All of the near chrome Powders are about all the same. They look good when you spray them on ,but when you lay the clear coat over them to seal it they dull. I have tried serveral brands. One question I have is does Gema really make the best gun out there?

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