Opinions on best product for Chassis and suspension

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    Need some opinions,

    I am redoing my 68 Camaro frame and chassis, also springs etc.
    Someone in the past has sprayed a thin undercoating on everything. You can scratch it off of most things but their is misc surface rust showing through here or there. I will try and remove most with wire brush and Eastwood uncoat remover. between all the products offered by eastwood I am thinking of coating the underneath floor pans and sheetmetal with Rust Encapsulator.
    I want to coat the frame and rear axle with with a contrast finish like Extreme Chassis black Gloss. I want to do the Leaf springs, Coils, drive shaft in detail Gray.
    My question to experts/ and fellow forum members here is what should be my process as far as primers and topcoats. Have I picked the best products for the job. There is also the Heavy RUST coatings ( I forget the name) and various undercoat?Topcoat combinations. My over all goal is a black semi-gloss/Gloss contrast with Rust protection as a must. Any opinions greatly appreciated. I probably cannot take it down to bare metal but just try and remove all I can of the previous coatings.


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