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    New to painting, been “fighting” with an el cheapo hvlp gun. In an earlier reply you told me it wouldn’t be long before I became a gun junkie. Don’t know about a junkie, but I’m ready to step up to something better. In the fight with my el cheapo, I have resolved all air delivery problems, so I am sure the gun is not being short changed with pressure or cfm. The results have been much better – getting a good pattern and paint delivery. BUT, the finish is subpar, due to what I believe is less than adequate atomization of the paint – not due to air flow, but rather tip / air cap design. Am I correct in thinking that atomization of the paint plays a huge roll in getting a smooth finish – especially when applying the clear coat ? If the answer is yes, then my next question concerns the eastwood guns – the evolution and the concour. I can see that they have noticeably different tip / air cap designs. Assuming that I can provide either gun with the optimal air flow, is one clearly better than the other at atomization and producing a smooth finish ? And on that note, with a thousand different paint guns on the market, how does one go about selecting what is best for his needs ? Any wisdom you can throw my way would be greatly appreciated.


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