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    I have been pinstriping and custom painting motorcycles with One Shot paint for about a year now and I’m having a big problem with the fumes from the paint. I paint in a well ventilated garage (3 windows open, 1 with a fan sucking fumes out, even garage door open when weather permits) and I still get very sick from the fumes. I finally had to start wearing a respirator to paint but that gets really uncomfortable when you spend hours on end painting, especially if it’s hot. I’ve asked other painters about this and no one else seems to have this problem. Other people around me can’t even smell the fumes at all. I just don’t understand why I have this problem and no one else does. I’d really like to be able to paint without having to wear a respirator somehow. Do you have any idea what’s going on? I noticed in the pics from your seminar it looks like everyone is painting indoors, no problem. I just don’t get it. Please help me figure this out if possible.

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